Kyoto Matcha Latte Asian Buns
  1. Scale and combine all ingredients for the custard into a small sauce pan. Bring to ONE boil while whisking constantly. Transfer to a small dish, wrap with plastic film, cool off in refrigerator.
Soft Asian Bun:
  1. Scale and combine all ingredients into a stand mixer bowl. Beat to a smooth dough using dough hook attachment, approx. 10 min.
  2. Transfer dough to a lightly floured work surface. Cover dough with a clean kitchen towel and allow to rest for 30min.
  3. Divide dough to 65g piece. Roll each piece into a nice round ball. Again cover with clean kitchen towel to rest for 15min.
  4. Roll each dough ball to a ½ thick disc. Top each disc with a small scoop of chilled Decadent Chocolate Custard (and a pitted Cherry, Maple Whiskey Goji Berries or….)
  5. Moisten edges of dough with a little water. Fold dough to buns by pulling and pinching dough edges together, folding towards the top. Gently press to seal.
  6. Set Buns in to steamer lined with parchment paper, steam for 8-10min.
  7. Enjoy with a hot cup of Tea-Squared Premium Tea or New Matcha Tea Latte!
Recipe Notes

You will need:
A large pot for boiling water, a steamer basket, mixer with hook
Fresh or Frozen pitted Cherries