Kyoto Matcha Latte Pizzelles
1dozen Pizzelles
1dozen Pizzelles
  1. Preheat your Pizzelle Baker as per manufactures instructions.
  2. Crack and whisk egg in a medium sized mixing bowl. Add and combine milk, canola and sugar, whisk well.
  3. Scale and combine the all-purpose flour with cornstarch & baking powder. Add to wet ingredients
  4. Stir to a smooth batter. Allow batter to rest for approx. 5min. (batter can be kept chilled for 3-4days at this stage)
  5. Lightly spray your pre heated Pizzelle maker with pan release spray.
  6. Place approx. 1oz scoops ( or a heaping tablespoon worth) onto bottom grid of Pizzelle maker.
  7. Close Pizzelle maker, gently pressing together top and bottom grids.
  8. Bake Pizzelles for approx. 1:35 -1:45 minutes, or as per manufactures instructions.
  9. Using a heat resistant rubber or wooden spatula –Carefully! and gently remove still hot Pizzelles from Pizzelle maker.
  10. Allow Pizzelles to cool on a wire rack *
  11. When Pizzelles are cooled off completely, liberally dust with Kyoto Matcha Mix.
  12. Enjoy with a fresh Tea Squared Latte!
Recipe Notes

This recipe works equally well with other Tea Squared Matcha Latte Mixes

Makes approx. 1 dozen Pizzelles or alternatively roll still hot Pizzelles over a metal tube to make Canoli Shells or press into a small bowl to make crisp Cookie Cups or your very own ice cream cones!