Vanilla Almond Matcha Latte Biscotti (Gluten free/Vegan)

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Vanilla Almond Matcha Latte Biscotti (Gluten free/Vegan)
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Vanilla Almond Matcha Latte Biscotti (Gluten free/Vegan)
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  1. Preheat your oven to 350F/175C
  2. Combine soft brown sugar and margarine in mixing bowl, beat well (or stand mixer using paddle)
  3. Combine all dry ingredients, except whole almonds, into same bowl, stir with a fork or whisk to blend well.
  4. Mix dry ingredients into margarine/sugar, mix well until coarse crumbs form (slow speed on mixer)
  5. Add coconut milk and mix to a smooth dough, work in whole almonds.
  6. At this stage dough will be rather stiff & a little sticky – good!
  7. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, top with a good handful of sugar.
  8. Place biscotti dough onto baking sheet and roll-to-coat dough in sugar. (this will help you shape and give you an awesome crunchy crust later on)
  9. Shape dough to long, uniform log first (approx10-12inchx2inch) then press flat to 1 inch thick, shaping dough into a neat rectangle (your choice of making mini biscotti or larger treats!)
  10. Bake in the middle of the oven for 35min. Remove from oven and allow to cool off completely.
  11. Transfer to a cutting board. Using a bread knife (aka serrated) cut to ½ inch thick biscotti.
  12. Line up sliced biscottis on baking sheet once more, turn down temperature to 325F /160C and bake again (biscotti =twice baked) for 25 minutes, turning biscottis over half way through baking time.
  13. Transfer ready biscotti to a cooling rack, cool off completely. Drizzle on glaze (if using) keep in airtight container up to month (if the last that long!!)
  14. Enjoy with a hot cup of Tea-Squared Premium Tea or New Matcha Tea Latte!
Recipe Notes

You will need:
Mixing bowl, whisk, baking sheets, parchment paper, bread knife, cooling rack

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